SOLD 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

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Dec 10, 2016
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I am putting it out there one final time... If you have something negative to say about this vehicle you should keep it to yourself, or it will be marked sold like my last post.

I am not the one that disassembled the vehicle!

I can say I have gone over the parts and this car is 90% accounted for. With the exception of the following...
- headlight door motor and rods
- "Y" in the Plymouth lettering
- rear bumper brackets
- transmission

The 440 is not numbers matching. No build sheet. Just fender tag, Vin, body numbers.

For the most part pretty solid. Some rust in the rear body panel. One spot on the stub and on small spot in the floor. Overall. Pretty straight and solid GT.

I am asking 4000 for the car and all the original parts... 1 of 666 built.

I have NOS parts for the car that are available for additional $...
- Exhaust Tips
- Rear finish panel
- 3 wheel lip moldings
- tail light lenses
- rear marker lights
- front cornering lights
- 440 hood call outs
- Front valance
- SF grille. Broken but easily fixed and unseen.

I am not a Plymouth guy, I have no desire to restore this car over my Polara. I bought this car for its roof skin initially, found out it was a GT, got excited for about a week and then realized the excitement was over and I have no love for it.










Damn, I'm glad my masochistic tendencies aren't any stronger..................
Wyatt, I should have said this sooner. THANK YOU for checking the fender tag before you did any further disassembly.

I am truly surprised that no one has stepped up to the plate. I wish I had the cash and space. The color combination is highly desirable IMHO.

I think that you may get more interest if you post the asking price with the NOS parts. I also think you should put this on eBay to get this in front of more people, especially those outside of the U.S. (although I'd hate to see the car leave the U.S.).

Please give this some time to sell. IMHO this is the worst time of year to try to sell a project car. If you can store the car inside until Spring that may be an attractive option for a buyer. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck. I am rooting for this car to find a new home in the near future.
it will sell don't worry.

But people outside the US are usually really scared if a car is disassembled. No way to check if it is complete and there are no parts cars overhere so the small items like screws, clips and bolts are already a problem as we have the metric system overhere. And shipping parts from the US is difficult and very expensive. So outside the US buyers might be only a few.

I would be interested but I have been sick in bed the last couple of weeks and I haven't moved another project I have. If it is still around by the end of the month I may be in a different position.
The advantage of a car in this state is to hand brush / rust proof the interior while it,s apart.But it,s a laborious project.At least you can see what you get.B.B
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