SOLD 1970 Road Runner race car, original 440 six-pack, clear title - $18,000 or trade

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Mar 4, 2013
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1970 Plymouth Road Runner race car. Air up the tires, add fuel, and go racing. The car was originally a 440 six-pack, column shift auto, bench seat, with an air grabber hood. The car has a clean Texas title and has antique plates. The original door sticker is still on the car and shows RM for road runner and V for 440 six-pack. The serial number on the radiator support and trunk gutter match the title.

The car runs 6.80's in the eighth and 10.70's in the quarter. Very consistent with a trans brake, delay box, and shift noid. Very easy to drive and very low maintenance for a race car. The car will pull the left front tire off of the ground. With a set of aluminum heads the car would pull both wheels and I have pictures to prove it.

The car is titled and has antique plates but is not road legal. It would needs lights, turn signals, a horn, and DOT legal tires for street use. The cooling system would hold up to street driving in the cooler times of the year, but would need upgrading for 90-100 degree weather.

The car will come with a fully built spare transmission. If you break at the track just swap in the spare and keep racing. It will also come with an extra rear tire, spare new fuel pump, and 7 matching spare pistons. I will also include the tools for adjusting the valves, setting the timing, and the low pressure tire gauge that has been with the car forever.

Here are some details on the car and engine:

back half 2X3 box
dana 60 4:56 gear
alston ladder bars
coil overs
front shocks summit 3 way adjustable
center line wheels
M/T slicks 90 passes
M/T front runners
disk brakes with 3 X 11 rear
fiber glass front end
lift off hood
lift off trunk lid

.030 over 440
manley H beam rods
ross flat top .010 down in the hole
block decked 10.715
cvr water pump
mopar aluminum water pump housing
mopar cam 600 lift 320 dir
crane roller rockers 1.6
moroso swinging external oil pickup with pump
crank trigger (msd)
steel heads 2.14 1.88 valves lunati valve springs
mopar M1 intake
BG silver claw carb 750 with 950 base plate
K&N air filter
ATI damper
crank is .020 .020
blue printed and balanced

griffin aluminum radiator epoxied
electric fan

727 trans
turbo action valve body with brake
turbo action torque converter 5000 stall
B/M shifter with shift noid (electric)
B/M trans cooler
mopar flex plate
CSI fly wheel and trans shield

digital delay mega 60 4 stage timer
bill miller rev limiter / throttle stop CO2
auto meter and S/W gauges
1 wire alt
line lock (brakes)

I am asking $18,000 for the car. This car could easily become a pro-street. Or, with a good set of heads and a little nitrous this car could achieve low 6's in the eighth and pull some nice wheel stands. Or, get a donor 1970 satellite and put the car back on the street. With the right amount of patience and money, the car could be a 440 six-pack air grabber street car once again. I don't need to sell the car but would like to so that I can focus on other Mopar projects. I will continue to race the car until I sell it. If you want to see the car, call me and we can schedule a time to meet.

If you want to offer a trade, let me know what you have. If it's an old car or truck, it has to be Mopar. If it's new, send me some pics and I'll let you know. Interested in: old mopars, motorcycles, ski boats, tools, etc. I also need a 150'x250' roping arena and a 50' round pen built on my property with a lot of dirt brought in. If you can do this work maybe we can work something out.

PM and I will respond with my phone number. The car is located near Fort Worth Texas.

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Nice car at a fair price, best of luck with the sale. This happened to a lot of these cars back in the day, I'm just thankful it's still alive.
It was worth a lot more as an orig. 6 pack car..........

It's been a race car for a long time. Way before 440 six pack meant anything to the collector market. I'm with dematt, just happy the car is still alive after all these years tearing up the local track and putting a huge adrenaline fueled smile on my face every time I leave the line.
I like it better as a racecar, except the hood, easy change, if you have seen one restored 70 road runner you have seen them all. I would make it barely street legal and go irritate everyone I could but that's me.
Oooh, nice car. I'd leave it the way it is except add lights, horn, street tires and..... gas. Lots and lots of gas.
The more I see it the more I like it! Those are some great pics.
I've turned down some trades for this car. Wanted to share in case you were thinking of offering something similar. The first I turned down was a pro-street 64 barracuda. It was a very nice car with beautiful paint, but I'm just not a fan of that body. The second was a customized Harley motorcycle. I don't really like customized motorcycles.

I would consider a mopar street car, a less expensive race car and cash, a ski boat, or a cash offer. Our local muscle car shootout starts next weekend so the car will be back on the track. If you are local you are welcome to come see the car in action.
This would make a good IHRA Hot Rod 10.90 class car. And run the Pro Am tour in your area division. Not a bad deal if it runs 10.70 in the heat without being on kill
I am so tempted to offer my Challenger as a trade but I know I would have sellers remorse as soon as it is gone, that car is like a herpe to me got it for life. Also as much as I would love to have it I don't need another b body. It looks like a great combo super reliable iron headed motor what's not to like about this one.
I am so tempted to offer my Challenger as a trade but I know I would have sellers remorse as soon as it is gone, that car is like a herpe to me got it for life. Also as much as I would love to have it I don't need another b body. It looks like a great combo super reliable iron headed motor what's not to like about this one.

Concur Dave.

Good luck with the sale Robert .. that's one very cool racecar

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