WANTED 1971 2dr HT 23 roof line rear window surrounds (interior side)

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Feb 6, 2020
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after ABCMoparts quit on producing the rear window surrounds (1969-71 C Body Rear Window Surrounds-Black - pic attached) I am kinda gettin desperate. Murrays don´t have them either.

Anybody know of a source ? Color doesn´t matter, paint it anyways (black). Any help greatly appreciated - last piece of my interior thats missing.

Thanks guys.

ABC Moparts is the only one that reproduces them and that was because of my prodding and giving him two originals to copy to make the molds. So many of his parts are currently out of stock because he lost his supplier of these reproduction parts and is currently trying to find another one that can turn out the same quality reproductions. At least he still has the molds he used to make these in the first place from the originals I gave him a few years ago now.

I suggest you call Bob Baker there and see where he is in trying to find another reproduction guy to replace his old one or since you are in Germany maybe email is best. The more folks that check in with him to prod him to let him know we are all waiting for so many of his parts helps motivate him to find another supplier using his molds.
I already talked to Bob and he just said they are discontinued and no chance for a new supplier right now. Damn thats so frustrating. Got everything done new headliner too ad now the last piece of the puzzle will stay missing.....
Are you only open to perfect pieces that have no cracks on mounting ends? Seems just in their natural design that the ends had metal molding secured the ends down and the pressure or over tightening cracked the ends. Once mounted in the car no one will see that a partial end is missing. let me know, I have some with just the mising some plastic.
I am def open to anything thats on the market. Would love to see pics please! Atleast they have to get tightened down ok...
Saw this ad. Don’t know him or am endorsing him in anyway. Maybe a Manitoba member might have had dealings positive or otherwise and can comment.

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