NOT MINE 1972 Plymouth Fury III Sedan - $1,900 - Edwards, California


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Sep 8, 2020
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Sidewinder, Colorado
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1972 Plymouth Fury III Sedan - $1,900 - Edwards, California

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*Marketplace didn’t have Fury under the options it is not a Voyager* PREPARE FOR A LONG READ. I don’t know if I even want to sell this thing, I moved out of state last year and couldn’t bring it with me but I’m at the point where I have to haul it to my current place or sell it. It’s a 1972 Plymouth Fury 3, has the 318 engine, 904 trans with an 8 1/4 rear end. *Backstory* Has been sitting since 1999/2000, was told by previous owner engine was rebuilt in 1997/1998 then parked it after he graduated high school and it sat ever since. Driver’s window was broken sometime while sitting so interior is in poor condition. I found a replacement window in Oregon at a Mopar junkyard and paid to have it shipped to my house, just haven’t installed it. I bought the car roughly 2 1/2-3 years ago in hopes to get it going, clean it up some and make it a nice cruiser with it being smog exempt. I replaced some things to get it running-fuel pump, plugs, wires, cap/rotor, water pump and timing cover were corroded (aluminum) so I replaced them both (timing chain looked like it was new) flushed the cooling system as well. I pulled all the spark plugs and let it sit a few days with atf in the cylinders, then rotated the engine by hand. Didn’t take much to get it running after that with the fuel pump sucking gas out of a gas can, obviously the carb needs rebuilt and I didn’t trust the fuel lines or tank hence it running from a gas can. Drove it around our little town for about 12 miles only to find out the head gaskets need to be replaced (exhaust gases over pressurizing cooling system but no oil/coolant mixing). The whole car would need to be gone through, but all the lights worked, brakes worked, trans shifted. The tires on it are just rollers I put on when I bought it and one leaks. It’s in pretty rough shape but has potential if you’re into old classic boat cars. Have the title and it’s non oped. I don’t remember how many miles are on it 70,xxx but could be 170,xxx odometer is only 5 digit. I’ll be in California the weekend of the 12th in November if anyone is interested. Otherwise I’ll haul it back with me. Will run to load on a trailer. $1,900 obo No Trades. I don’t really want to get rid of it but if someone makes me a sweet offer then I guess I’ll part ways. Body is decent, interior is rough has been sitting for 20 years. Sorry for the novel, just tryin to be honest. Will delete ad if sold, will not respond to “Is this still available?”