For Sale 1973 Chrysler Town & Country 9 Passenger Station Wagon

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Dec 17, 2016
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Broomfield, CO
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1973 Chrysler Town & Country 9 passenger station wagon. Amazing condition throughout. Early 70's MOPAR wagons (and coupes) are very, very hard to find; this wagon is as nice as you will ever discover (especially in this remarkable shape). Both the 440 big block V8 and 727 Torque Flite automatic transmission operate very well, especially with the (new in 1973) electronic ignition system and electronic voltage regulator. Power steering, power front disc brakes with self-adjusting rear drums as well as Torsion Quiet Ride make this a very smooth running wagon despite its (colossal) size - over 230" in length and nearly 80" in width! Split front bench seat, jump third row seat, storage compartments almost everywhere and below third row seat. Factory radio, side vent windows, etc., etc.

Exterior is in excellent shape/condition. Gorgeous paint/finish as well as "woodgrain" applique panels in splendid condition (pictures speak for themselves). Chrome and stainless trim present extremely well. What an awesome looking wagon. Interior is also in excellent shape with the only small flaw being a small tear in the sitting area of the front driver seat. High quality vinyl, cloth and carpet materials are in very, very nice/great condition throughout. Very little to do if anything. Brakes may/will need to be checked (soft). Rear shackles could be turned over if desired. Even though the car may not be in a perfect, brand new (or 100 points) condition/appearance, it is none the less gorgeous, remarkable and with (unbelievably) less than 70K miles. It is ready to be thoroughly enjoyed and is a very desirable and super cool car show cruiser (not to mention a potential trip to Wally World!) Quite reasonably priced (several times less than a restoration costs to obtain a similarly awesome early 70's C Body/Fuselage "big" wagon (or even other pricier brand models). This automobile is most affordable and all ready to go and be enjoyed right now (and then some!) A true American icon. PRICE REDUCED now asking only $14,850 negotiable.

Thinning collection and selling other early 70's C Body MOPARS/station wagons as well as several Cadillac Coupe DeVille hardtops.

Price: $14,850 negotiable

CP46T3C170870 seems like a very nice looking T&C wagon. I just wonder why it is sitting so high on its rear wheels?
I believe in a previous listing the seller said that he had put the rear spring shackles in backwards. (It was implied that this can be difficult to put the rear shackles in correctly so some people take the easy way out.)

Hi, the shackles rotated/turned around when the car was transported last on a multi car carrier/transport and the axle got lower than usual. When the axle went back up the shackles turned forward which makes the springs sit higher. It is a very easy procedure to turn them back to the regular position; I just never got to do it. Current set/up and/or position is great if one were to pull a heavy trailer. Hope this answers your question. Thanks.
Note. Comment made by other person does not apply to my car as I never previously listed it (or any other cars) on this site. Must be somebody else's.
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