WANTED 1974-1977 Monaco or Gran Fury coupe

King Hooter

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Feb 28, 2019
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Albert Lea, MN
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I'm in the search for a 1974-77 Dodge Monaco or Plymouth Gran Fury coupe.
Preference for a driver with a big block. Body doesn't need to be perfect but mechanically sound. Although I wouldn't necessarily turn down a 360 or even a Gran Fury Sport Suburban.

Rare bird anymore,picked this 75 up last year in Illinois

Yeah, you gotta get lucky and jump on the good ones, good luck!
There is a 77 Gran Fury 2 door on Facebook market place in Miffligton Pa I dont know how to add a link
Yeah, you gotta get lucky and jump on the good ones, good luck!
Lucky is right. I happened to find a couple of my cars just after they were posted, and was lucky enough to get them. One I had looked at for two weeks before deciding to inquire about it. After a half hour phone call it was mine. I was surprised it didn't sell during that time. I think the primer it was in helped in my favor. Back then I was looking online more hours a day than I should have been, but it was all done at work, so I got paid to look for my cars!