NOT MINE 1974 Lebaron Coupe (mine)($3750)

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Aug 27, 2020
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1974 Imperial Le Baron Crown Coupe
As some of you may know; this is a very rare car. 57 were produced from March of 1974 to the end of the model year. The cars were produced by ASC to celebrate Chryslers 50th anniversary.
This particular Imperial was a two owner car before me. It has lived its whole life in California. (SF before me, now LA). It had been garaged most of its life, ~92k miles on the odometer. The PO stopped driving ~20 years ago. His son pushed it out doors a few years beforeI I acquired it. It was obtained in a non-running state about 18 months ago. From an auxiliary fuel can, it now starts and moves on it's own. Carburetor rebuild, new starter, along with some ignition parts were required to get it running again. Thermostat, battery cables, fuel filters have also been replaced. (Note the battery in the images is not correct for the car; the cables were made to fit the correct battery.) Known Mechanical Issues are;

1. It has an exhaust leak on the passenger side. It appears to be coming from a port on the rear of the manifold.

2. Charging system does not work.

3. Heater core has a significant leak. I have by-passed it.

4. Transmission cooler lines; They were missing when I got it. I installed some fittings on the transmission and a small section of line to loop it back.

5. Tires are ancient. The fronts were probably installed when Clinton was president. The rear tires are metric sized bias plys that came from an even older project. The car had 3 rims when I got it. I pulled the 4th from a truck. I think the offset is slightly different, but it fits w/o issue.

6. Oil pressure light is on intermently at idle.

7. A mechanic for the PO broke the cruise control switch.

8. The nylon isolater for horn switch is broken. The horn is disconnected.

9. Drivers side window does not work.

10. Headliner is sagging.

Mostly original paint that would clean up nice. The vinyl top is trashed. Car has some rust ahead of the passenger side quarter panel. Comes with orginal keys, and manuals. Car is missing 3 hub caps and has a 90s tape deck installed in place of the orginal radio. I wanted to DD this but already have a Imperial with a retracatable roof and would rather DD a wagon. In a fantasy world I would trade this straight across for a wagon, in the same shape, similarly equipped that checks off all the right boxes for me. Clear California title in my name, non-oped. A set of appropriate blue plates will convey with the car if the new owner is a California resident. I will be off-grid over the long holiday, so If you ask a question and don't get an immediate response, that's why.










Is the steering wheel cracked? I love that One Off year fabric!! Than that material be dyed?? What does the drivers side "Sail Panel" look like?
Front seatbelts appear to be missing...probably related to issues with seatbelt interlock, I imagine.

Nice car when done up.

I'd say the price is steep, but I seem to be living in the past as a lot of junk is the price I used to pay for a nice driver.
Is the steering wheel cracked? I love that One Off year fabric!! Than that material be dyed?? What does the drivers side "Sail Panel" look like?
There's a cover on that wheel...tell tale sign it's cracked.
Is the steering wheel cracked? I love that One Off year fabric!! Than that material be dyed?? What does the drivers side "Sail Panel" look like?

The steering wheel is cracked-I cannot tell the extent. See below for the drivers side sail panel. The lap belt portion is intact. A PO cut the shoulder portion. Shown is the passenger side; the drivers side is in the same state.



Thank You Sir! A lot of times the trim on the Sail Panels gets wavy or crinckled up a little.....Chrysler could could have spent a few pennies more for something a little sturdier/classical!
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