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Jul 17, 2021
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South Carolina, USA
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Recently poking around the idea of selling my car, I have a street truck Im trying to expand my budget on so i can build it up like I want. Im also looking at getting a couple monaco wagons down the road.

The car is a 1977 Chrysler Newport Custom Sedan. It has just shy of 41,000 miles. I am the 4th owner technically, but I have yet to put a pen to the title, so you can legally be the 4th owner if you like. Im rather poking on the Idea of selling it, if I dont get good response I may keep it, but like I say I have alot of projects I am working on at the moment, and this isnt exactly the car I wanted, rather just something that caught my eye, and I seen as an investment opportunity.

The car was purchased new in 1977 by an old lady in Greenwood, South Carolina. It was driven 36,000 miles from 1977 to 1994 and I have all the receipts and inspections to prove it. In 1994 the second owner purchased it, an old man, and he drove the car 3,000 miles and left it parked mostly. In 2006 a local newspaper guy in our town bought the car, fixed on it some and put 3,000 miles on it, and parked it in 2008. A failed revival attempt in 2017 led him to take insurance off the car.

I purchased the car last month, so far I have replaced the condensor (car has been converted to points ignition and standard carb, both of which I see as more reliable. I also installed a triple row radiator, but the fan shroud did not fit. I still have it, but it stays to temp at idle.

I did have the windows and locks all working but now only the passenger electric lock works and the driver door window works. I suspect minor wiring issues.

The car is super clean inside and out. Original jack is there, exhaust is original and intact, brakes and steering are great.

The A/C compressor makes a scraping noise sometimes. I suspect its going to lock up soon. I was told It was converted to r-134, but the previous owner may have been mistaken. Or maybe thats why the OE compressor was locking up?

Windsheild wiper on the passenger side doesnt work. I dont feel like removing the chrome cowl to reconnect the linkage again, as I have already done this. The grommet inside the rod is dry rotted.

I am asking $5500, I purchased the car for $1200 and so far I have around $1700-1800 in it. Its a road worthy vehicle, minus the compressor now locking up, and the windsheild wiper bug. I can come off this price. I dont know what the lowest ill take is, but i need to put an axle and a 4 link and a full bag system in my truck still, and buy a transmission to put in my overlanding rig.

Here are some pictures. I have talked alot about the car in previous posts if youd like to read the full story on it.

newport 2.jpg
newport 3.jpg
newport 4.jpg
newport 8.jpg
newport 6.jpg
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