For Sale 1977 Town and Country Wagon

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Aug 23, 2016
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I am reluctantly selling my T&C Wagon. Last of the big boys. It's a sage green and green interior 8 passenger wagon with all the goodies. It's a 440 car and has all the power options (2 fender tags worth). Body is super straight and had one repaint to a different shade of green. Jambs are still the original shade. The clearcoat is peeling on the paint. The car was in Arizona for many years before coming to this area about 10 years ago. Lots of new parts this year alone. Runs and drives great and gets lots of attention going down the road.
Mechanically it is sound, and the body is decent for it's age. it had some repairs to the footwell in the third seat area and the spare tire well prior. Almost rust free (a few minor bubbles starting). Passenger front floor has a few small spots from the door seal leaking. All options work except the cruise and one of the side windows and the gate lock.
New parts this year ($4000 worth including labor):
-Wheel cylinders and brakes bled
-New fuel pump, carb professionally rebuilt, fuel tank dropped boiled and sealed. New sending unit but it was the wrong one for the car and doesn't read to full. New filler neck seal and filter with the sending unit.
-New tires (200 miles or less on them)
-New mufflers (has dual exhaust) and exhaust manifold gasket
-New vacuum advance, ignition box and starter relay and rebuilt starter.
-New valve cover gaskets
-Radiator flushed and refilled
-Oil and Filter change in the last month

Other parts replaced:
-Various front end components over the years
-Front Brake hoses
-Radiator and hoses
-Master cylinder
-Power steering pump
-Trans serviced and external cooler added

What it could use:
-Steering coupler has play in it
-Correct sending unit and seal - leaking when filled up
-Trans seeps a bit at the tail shaft and I think around the gasket when it sits
-Front brakes are getting close to needing replaced

Extra parts included if I get my asking price:
-Grille and header panel and headlight bezels
-Taillights and various switches and interior components
-Newly rechromed rear bumper
-NOS Sending unit and seal
-NOS drivers front door seal

Located in Northern VA Asking $4900. [email protected]

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Here is a link to the photos I have now on shutterfly can add more later. I would entertain serious offers but please no lowballs. I know it needs some cosmetics but structurally it is good.

Is there a trick to getting the shutterfly link to work? When I click on it, I get asked for a login and password, and after I enter it, it just takes me to my own account.
Losing my storage space - would like to see it go to a good home. Serious offers considered.
Wow....... I cant believe it hasnt sold yet
I am dropping the asking price now to $4300. Just lost my storage yesterday so I would really like to see it go to a good home soon. I may have to put it on ebay if it doesn't sell soon.
So its ready to tow.... I'm scratching my head that this hasn't sold
I was surprised as well most of the mechanicals are in order as well and with a few other things noted in the ad taken care of it should be a cool cruiser. Lots of money already spent this year on it.
I wish I could locate a polara wagon like this one you'd have no trouble selling it
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I have a local offer in for less than I would like to take. If anyone is thinking about it let me know as I would prefer not to go to ebag if I don't have to.
My local offer fell through, his wife put the brakes on him! I am dropping the price one last time to hopefully find a good home for it and not have to go to ebag. $3800 and that is about the bottom line on it. Thanks!
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