NOT MINE 1979 Chrysler Newport Highway Patrol Car - $7,500 (Laguna Beach)


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Mar 10, 2020
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Very clean body, this will be gone quick....

Heres a rare one, 1979 Mopar R body Police car. E-58 360 4 barrell dual exhaust. New factory Mopar electronic ignition to bypass lean burn system. Never civilian titled, auction fresh time capsule.
Runs great, new fuel system, brakes, tune up etc. Original paint and interior. Ex Highway patrol car. Thanks for looking.

1979 Chrysler Newport Highway Patrol Car - cars & trucks - by owner...

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This brings back tons of memories. We had an 80 Grand Fury PA State police car, almost identical. Ours had a hidden overdrive. When we bought it somehow they put a block on the transmission so that you couldn't manually shift the car into 1st gear.
The brought it to southern California and then found it won't pass emmisons testing. Now it's for sale.
Note that it's stuck at 55mph with the car in park. I had to grind away quite a bit of the back of that speedometer cover before the needle would spin free ('80 Gran Fury police). I have wondered if the J-bodies (Cordoba & Mirada) ever had this issue.
This was one of thr nicest Chrysler products I ever owned. This one looks to be in great shape for her age.
People On Land Investigating Corrupt Entities...we do live under maritime law
The brought it to southern California and then found it won't pass emmisons testing. Now it's for sale.
I disagree on that assumption.

The seller is '440machsnell' and I've seen him selling a bunch of Mopar police cars over the years, seems like mostly 69-81 era.
I don't know how long he's been at it, or if I caught them all, but I've got 8 cars filed since 2016.

Don't recall him selling any Slabs, nor any Dippys - and all the files I have are from 72-81 cars.

I suspect he's got a lot of them, buys them whenever possible, and constantly gets rid of the worst ones. Quote from him below kinda supports that.

$6001 buy-it-now didn't get hit, which surprised me.
2-3 years from now we will kick ourselves to not grab this at $6000 - it might not appreciate like an E86 car, but it will appreciate nonetheless.
1979 Chrysler Newport | eBay

Current auction:
1979 Chrysler Newport | eBay

"I'm thinning the herd so bid to win this great piece of Mopar Police car History. I also have a couple CHP original paint, running survivor Monacos coming up for sale soon in the 20K range."
Looks like the correct cop seats.
Wish I could buy it.
Drop in a 400 SB.
I thought of you when this car first popped, IIRC you have a fondness for them.

I'd love to experience it with a 5.9 Magnum, A518 OD and 4.10 gears. I'd drive it to places that are in walking distance.
Some things just aren't explainable.
Car is pretty HTF and in respectable condition.
Why can't it pull the $6000 price he was wanting???

It's not pre-smog 440 copcar.
It's not an E86 B-body Fury/Monaco.
But not priced as those are either.