SOLD 26" radiator fan shroud for 72 Fury - 360 engine

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Analog Kid

Dec 22, 2016
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Herndon, VA
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Summer is here so it's time to look at getting a fan shroud for my 1972 Fury III. The car never had one but there are mounting holes on the radiator - spacing is around 11.5" from center to center - top to bottom. Radiator is 26" and the engine is a 360 small block. I see a lot of options online for big blocks and B bodies but nothing specific for a C body with a 360. Any suggestions for possible alternatives would be appreciated.


Dave, I believe that (for a C-body) the shroud depends on the radiator size, not the engine size. Assuming I am correct, then what you need is a shroud for a '72 C-body 26" rad.

If you have not yet done so, you may want to look up the parts manual and look for the correct part number. Once you have it, searching for that number should be easier.

FWIW, I ran into the issue recently to get a shroud for a 1970 Polara 26-incher, and found out that the shrouds varied from year to year. Luckily @70 Sport Suburban came through with one he'd found (P/N 2785435 and P/N 2785479). There are correct reproduction shrouds being made, in case you become desperate, but thanks to Manny I saved a lot of money. My recollection is that he had a 26" shroud from a '71 Fury available too, and if so you may want to reach out to him.

Good luck!
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If 68bee doesn't come thru, I have one also. Send me a PM if interested. And for anyone that may be interested, I have a 3673818 and (2) 3781821 shrouds also.
Thanks everyone for the posts....I was able to find a shroud yesterday at Leon's junkyard in Culpeper, VA. I pulled it off a '73 Newport.
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