5th Annual C Body Show

To be fair I did take the long way around up through Duluth Mn,did some touring and then back down. I am actually only 595 miles from Tim’s shop to home.
It does look like there's going to be an open window. Especially out west. Still wet in the burbs.

4 1970 Polara ´verts reunion. Two coming!

Was great chatting to some of you today at the show. I was the dude walking around with the cameras taking photos. I will be posting them on my Flickr account as I go through then, sorry if I missed some of the cars. If you would like a copy of any of the photos, let me know, you are welcome to a copy of the digital file - free. The film shots I took will take a couple of weeks to get back from the lab.

Thanks again for being so welcoming, some really fabulous cars on show there today!

Link to the photos, more will get added as I go through them... Illinois Railway Musuem
You should get the long distance award!
2019 We did 750 one way!
Had you calculated your MPG yet?
383 2bbl should be pushing 18-20 MPG
If I stay under 65 Get around 17. But most of my trip has been 75-80 mph which has been right around 15 mpg. To Madison tonight I was bucking a headwind but seemed to run with traffic between 80 and 85 mph and dropped to 11.5 mpg. Although I did have to break down and buy gas with ethanol while in Il.
The day started out deary with rain in the forecast, but around 11 the light drizzle moved out and the sky's cleared out with the sun eventually peeking out of the clouds.
About 1/2 the cars of the final count of 50 made it to the event this year in Union. Still a great turnout considering the weather.
More pics will get posted once I get them loaded.
Thanks to everyone for making it to the show.
@sixpkrt once again organized a great show, with an appealing and interesting location and lots of very nice cars. Many, many thanks to him for all his efforts--they were well worth it, and I really hope that he will organize a repeat performance next year!

While some of us experienced some rain getting to the general area, either yesterday or this morning, we were very lucky as the rain went away and the weather turned out pleasant. Another way to look at it: Medina did get a free car wash overnight on the hotel parking lot, here she is all pearly this morning at 9AM.

The rain delayed us a bit from leaving @71Polara383 's shop, because we wanted to memorialize in photographs the convergence of four 1970 Polara 'verts to Rockford but one of those convertibles was not waterproof and another (Snow White) is a question mark in that respect (should be tight but who knows). Since I already posted a photo earlier today of the four 'verts (the most together since Carlisle last year) together, here is another photo that I took on Wyatt's parking lot -- showing three 1971 Dodges.

These three '71 models were soon joined by @LocuMob's Cicada (a green 1968 Monaco 500), and thus it was time to head out.

The drive from Rockford to Union on IL-20 was most pleasant, and we passed the Belvidere plant along the way. I was driving Regina FQ3, which like all 1970 Polara 'verts was built there :)

Here is a photo giving an overview of the grounds and the cars at the show, with a row of Dodges guarding the C-body flock.

After Wyatt arrived, we rearranged the cars to take photos of (i) the two 'verts from Rockford (FQ3 and EB3) with a third 1970 Polara convertible (a DR8 N-code, no less) driven all the way from Missouri by @Stanj and (ii) two 1971 two-doors bracketing the ragtops (Medina on the left and Wyatt's GF3 Polara on the right).

Last pic are my two INAs: Medina, the 1971 Monaco and Regina, the 1970 Polara. The 5th C-body (aka Midwest) Show was the latter's first-ever US outing. Thanks again to @71Polara383 for all his help getting those cars to their current shape.

Off to the Waupun show tomorrow!
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Has anyone given Murray Park a formal invitation to this event? Free admission if he brings C body stuff to sell.
@Michael the enthusiasm you have for your cars have exploded.
But the comment "are my two INAs" had me confused.
The only INA I care about is FM3.
If I stay under 65 Get around 17. But most of my trip has been 75-80 mph which has been right around 15 mpg. To Madison tonight I was bucking a headwind but seemed to run with traffic between 80 and 85 mph and dropped to 11.5 mpg. Although I did have to break down and buy gas with ethanol while in Il.
I remember some sections of our trip the speeds were high just to keep up with traffic.
With the miles you travelled the ethanol will not affect anything. When it sits is when it causes problems.
I hope I can go next year. 2 years in a row not being allowed to cross the US border..it really sucks.
Thanks again @sixpkrt Tim.
Made it home with no issues. Right at 1,509 miles round trip. Overall gas mileage 14.5mpg. I don’t know that I really ever dropped below 75 mph on the interstate. Most of the time I was pushing 80 plus.
Time to clean the car.
This door prize will come in handy.
Thanks again for a great show and was great to meet everyone.
Here are some I took. There sure were a lot of Polara’s plus a couple of Monaco’s

Made it back home safe and sound. Lost my power brakes just as I hit Dubuque, Iowa. No problem, just kept my distance and drove like an old lady in towns with stoplights.

I kept it around 70-75 while enjoying the scenery on US20, it was a nice change of pace from the usual route I take. Plenty of ups and downs and turns cresting hills, an awesome road to really drive a car. Even in my heap, I had a blast, I can't wait to do it again.


Now I'm going to take my super manual brake car over to a friend's for some barbeque!

Look forward to next year's show, thanks again @sixpkrt for putting this on, and thanks for the raffle prize!