65 Chrysler Newport rear glass rubber?


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Jan 1, 2021
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I have a 1965 Chrysler Newport 2-door I'm having problems locating the back glass rubber. car has been leaking sometime that causes the rear floorboards to get wet. after doing some looking I believe it's leaking at the bottom of the rear window and running behind the seats and soaking into the carpet where passenger feet go in the rear. I have found the rubber gasket for 66 and up but not sure if that will work. also I've replaced gasket windows in the past but they were always side windows. after looking around here some it looks like this particular window uses butyl tape as well? is that what holds on the trim or something else? I haven't took it off yet as I don't have a garage right now and it is outside so just want to have everything sorted out so I can get it done in one day.