For Sale 65 Plymouth Fury III

Hi, I'm interested in the windshield, outside mirrors.
Also how much for the 'fender skirts'?
I have a 66 Fury 3 convertible.
In the Chicago area.
Steering wheel is rough, 3 hubcaps, 2 are straight, 1 is warped but possibly could stay on

steering wheel.jpg

hubcap 1.jpg

hubcap 2.jpg

Assuming its in working order...How much to ship the right hand bumper marker light fixture to Littleton Colorado? Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Glove Box door facia Fury III, Fender trim, I also have the hood trim off, pics coming soon

Fender Trim is gone, Thanks

Glove 2.jpg

Glove door.jpg
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Okay Guys, need to update items:
Sold Items-Fender front Trim, hood trim, wipers, taillights, C-trim Trunk, trunk center trim, trunk long trim-Both, Park lights, hood emblem
Trunk lock, glove box lock bolts and screws. Uses same key included. anyone needs, make offer plus actual shipping.Thanks Ben
65 Fury III

Pic #2.jpg

trunk lock, glove box lock and key.jpg
Original Fender script Commando V8 in very good condition, PM offer plus actual shipping
Also have off of the 4 door hardtop, back window chrome, gutter trim, and belt molding if anyone is interested. Thanks Ben

Fender script 1.jpg



Okay Guys, I have B bodies but I did buy a 383 4 door Fury for some hard to find engine parts for my 66 Coronet. Just wanted to let everyone know, this car is for parting out or complete car for sale after I get some parts. Didn't know if there is interest, I will get pics, good bumpers, fenders, hood, grille, honestly pretty decent for parts, complete car. Price will be reasonable, located in eastern KY, I don't need, I had it hauled and isolated at a junkyard of my friends. Was going to let him have after I got what I wanted but decided to join C bodies in case someone needs parts. PM me and I will get pics if interested, ,Thanks Ben
Hi Ben I am interested in the Rear bumper and the rear window outer mouldings, and the right front fender moulding side of head lights, Looks like a up-side down L. let me know what condition thay are and how much money you want for these
How much for driver fender and inner fender? also chrome trim around driver tail light?
How much for driver fender and inner fender? also chrome trim around driver tail light?
All trunk trim and tail lights are gone, I'll take closer pics of of driver fender and post, probably has some rust, let you make offer after closer inspection and pics, Thanks Ben