65 Windsor resurrection

Dr. Dodge

Nov 17, 2020
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Spring is here and it's time to fix a little bit of damage caused by a ford edge that got in the ol girls way.









One of the things that this car needs is a better seat as the original one has worn springs beat stuffing and it sufferers from a previous recovering in the cheapest available vynl . I was originally going to just swap in some buckets or Mabey a 60/40 out of a fifth Avenue parts car that I have until I could come up with some Correct parts when I noticed that the seat in a 76 Dodge club cab that I am messing with functions the same way the seat backs move to allow rear seat Access. After noticing that it has a hump for trans tunnel and is narrower than the regular Dodge bench. I then looked at the one in a 81 that I also have handy. Same deal. This pic shows a seat track from the Ram on the other end and a track from my 65 donor car on this end. Look at that it's even adjustable to raise or lower and tilt seat. Learned something new about these cars lol.

Well look at that bolts right in. When Dodge updated the design to install in the trucks they added a couple of coils to the bottom and locks to the back. Far from cobbled together looks like a viable core seat to recover or even just use while I am recovering the original so I can continue to drive and enjoy the car which is how it got wrecked in the first place.

Still need to install a tach. Back in 2016 when I installed a head unit in place of the am radio I himmed and hawed about cutting the dash to install for 6 to 8 months and came to the conclusion that the old girl isn't a Hemi CUDA and it's not like I'm installing a LS in it. Well turns out that way back when Chrysler engineering was penning the design of the dash they actually put the right size opening in the dash and all I ended up butchering was the trim over the opening. Gotta love ma Mopar. When I grow up and want to put her back to stock I can cause the doner has Mint parts in her dash.

This is where I reinstall the halegen headlights in place of sealed beams that were installed in doner. Outside pair are H4 and the drivers lens survived the wreck so replaced bulb as it was damaged.

Had to replace the plastic terminal holders that broke during the wreck and since I used 70's pieces when they got the relay treatment and rewire for the extra low beam circuit. 85 Ram parts truck to the rescue.

Low plus extra low beam (well one of them anyway) drivers side is a sealed beam out of doner.