WANTED 66 Dodge Polara metric speedo

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Apr 12, 2024
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Hi guys, am after a 66 Dodge Polara Metric speedo. Couldn't seem to find any aftermarket reproductions that looked like below. Must be able to ship to Australia.

Extremely rare - the part exists, but I've only ever seen one USA Monaco/Polara dash with a Kilo speedo. They were used in cars built for export to countries that used the metric system.
Your likely only going to find a used one from somebody in Europe.

That's where I found my kilo speedos for my 66 T&C and my 66 Dodge Monacos (Canadian cars used Fury dashes).

66 USA-built Monaco/Polara dash with kilo speedo

1965 Dodge Monaco USA dash with KILO SPEEDO.jpg

My Canadian 66 Monaco with Fury dash Kilo speedo

My 66 T&C with Kilo speedo

speedo closeup.jpg

I had to custom make Kilo Autopilot dash dials for them!

Monaco (Fury dash)

Kilo Autopilot.jpg


I had to remove the original MPH numbers and print this on clear adhesive sheet on the white translucent Autopilot dial. Didn't work too badly!
dial1.jpg effer.jpg

kilo autopilot dial.jpg

And just for fun, here's a pic of a 62 Chrysler Astrodome Kilo speedo...

Astrodome - best dash EVER!

62  300 Kilo Speedp.jpg
Damn, what a wild time the 60s were. Astradome, the Space Race, Cuban Missile Crisis, slick looking cars...it had it all lol.
I do remember seeing your post back in 2019 about these gauges. I was actually hoping that by a stroke of luck, you or someone else might still have some European contacts that still had these gauges. Wouldn't mind an aftermarket repro at all but I've yet to hear back from the various companies that I've enquired about metric speedos for C bodies.
C’mon Ross —- your cars can cruise at 190 M.P.H. —- those are not Kilometers….
And, I understand, that if you get yours up to 150 —-
You can GO “ Back to the Future “ !!! ( L O L !!! )

Truthfully, those are Niiiiiiiiiice….. Craig…..
Aint they? And for the most part here in Canada and USA, it makes my vintage cars unique at the cruise nights.

Just that little extra sump'n' sump'n'!
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