66 fury console shifter help


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Sep 25, 2022
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So, as I am a bit of fine tune mode....my shifter does not always bring the beastie into Park....car will drift, and have to try again. Also, neutral safe switch does not always engage in park, fine in N. So, I thought I would check adjust underneath. And yes, the trans lever does not go all the way back. So, a simple adjust, right....loosen the bolt on the shaft and let her move.....not only no, but hell no. Cannot move with two hammers or with a long clamp...will not budge. The bolt loosens a center pivot block that is on the shaft, and then there is an outer clamp of sheet metal. The floating block has the pin that goes up into the trans shaft. But, they will not coop. There is no adjust inside the console....but I do see that there is no slop in the console slot to let me shove the shifter forward, so will just remove a taste in the forward slot to allow me to shove a bit. So, two questions. Has anyone experience with this simple clamp on the shifter at the trans shaft. Second....I see the the lower bushing on the vertical shifter mechanism is loose.....Pull bracket off trans, lower and remove the bush. But, has anyone tried to find this bushing. thanks for thoughts
A follow up question. Manual says just loosen the swivel joint bolt a couple turns. Hmmm. IF I have to remove the shaft, does anyone know what type clips are used on the top side of the rod, both at the rear and also on the trans shifter shaft. Simple E clips or maybe cotter pins?? Seems I will have to remove to dislodge....maybe??
I am the only one responding....but learning. I found that the shifter in Park, means that the lever on the trans is fully out of the detent, and with slop in shifter, I can just push it rearward into detent. So, I had wifie move shifter while I observed. Then, I pulled off the console top, and guess what, it would go fully into detent, even with slop in shifter linkage. So, opened up the slot another 1/8 or more, and now, it will go fully into the Park detent on the trans.....all good. I would still like to know why my very simple flex link that is supposed to move, does not.....simple device....elluding my pea brain yet again. Eventually, I will pull that lower shaft with the joint, and get her moving. Some strange type of pin, kind of like a bent up cotter on one end, and simple cotter on the trans lever end.