66 fury horn and wheel removal


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Sep 25, 2022
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In my wiring frenzy I find that I have no ohm response on either the horn or the turn signals. So, I am looking at the manual for removal of the horn ring. This car has a large horn ring that wobbles but will not turn the quarter turn, since has slots on the wheel. And, I have tried to turn the center cap, but don't want to break something. Any idea on how to remove the horn ring on these things. I suspect that somehow, the center cap will come off since this horn ring cannot be turned. Thanks for thoughts.
Center cap turns counter-clockwise and horn ring is held by three philips head screws. Each screw has a plastic spacer and they also hold the horn switch. Hope this helps. Lindsay
I hope it helps too......I will add some slickum to see if it helps get her loose. Thanks
If it's like a '66 Chrysler, the center cap has a three-prong spring which indexes with ramps on "something", which keeps it firmly located in place.
You were both right, three spring like prongs. I sprayed, then attempted to lift the cap as the manual says for the Valiant, and it moved up a bit. Then turned, and this time it did turn loose. It was just stuck after all this time, but I did not want to just force something. So thanks for help. Interesting that the horn wire feels like it is encased in concrete. Ah yes. Three spring like prongs and it turns.