66 fury power steer return hose question


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Sep 25, 2022
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Mine has the 1.2 pump, and I cant figure out how the 5/8 hose is supposed to double up and run down to the gearbox without kinks. The gear return is almost directly below the pump, and both fittings point up. I guess I could route the return back thru the compartment to avoid kinks, but am not understanding OEM on this. Mine has a kludge kit of fittings to make this 180 degree bend. thanks
can you take a pic of your setup? I just rebuilt my ps pump and put in new lines for both but don't know if its the same pump as yours
I had the other type of pump originally but this one from another car I parted out was in better shape to rebuild when the one on the car went bad. If this is the one you have hope it helps


Believe it or not, the original return hose was originally a molded 5/8ths hose, long since not available. It had a special bend at the end where it connected to the pump. All that's offered now is 5/8ths raw power steering hose - and no, using 5/8ths heater hose is not recommended - gotta find the right material. Many companies offer it.

Yes, with the routing, many hoses will kink if you try to use the original routing, so you've got to be creative with the routing to avoid the kinking.
They make these up to 3/4, have used them on lots of things and work great. You can use 2 to make up to a 180 bend.

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Cool! Never saw those before!

Although it's entirely evident that they are supposed to go on the outside of a hose, I wonder if one could use a 5/8ths diameter version on the inside of a 5/8ths hose, creating the bend to look factory, but with that support coil inside, much like a radiator hose rose has a spring inside to prevent collapsing...
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FWIW - here is a picture of the factory power steering return hose and its preformed bend that it has in it just before the nipple on the pump.

I managed to find 2 NOS ones about 20 years ago.
Yup, yup, yup and yup. All great points. But, I have to say I wish my RoadKill engine looked like HotFury's.....yee hah. But, the hose is like the latter pics, straight up.....what was Chrysler thinking. And, I might try the springie thingie, might help when I replace the Kludge I have now, from about four parts to make the bend. Thanks all.
Rockauto and NAPA have Universal 5/8" power steering hose.
Yup on that idea....I was thinking to solder some copper joints to make a sharp 180, with hose on both ends.....no kinks. But, we'll see how the spring works. I put a hose clamp around my new lower rad hose to keep it from the kink.....just to help out....no inner springy thingy any more.
How about brazing or welding a 90 degree swept piece on the end of the power steering pump?
That's a good idea... however the piece should have both a hose stop (how far the hose can be pushed on), and a clamping ring for the hose camp.

Otherwise with engine vibration and the naturally slippery qualities of P.S. fluid, that hose will slide off, no matter how tight it's clamped.
I bought a 300 PSI hose from a shop that supplies hydrolic hoses. They have a stiffer wall that don't kink. Here are a couple pics of a hose on my 60 Dodge. It is made by Parker.




thanks muchly both. I got the springs, have not yet tried but fit the hose. If does not work, will look into the HP hose....thanks