For Sale 67 - 69 C Body Big Block HP Left Side Exhaust Manifolds $100 each

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Mar 11, 2017
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Good used 67 - 69 C Body left side HP exhaust manifolds. No visible cracks. Need to be sand blasted and painted or use them as is. $100.00 each + shipping. Free delivery to Carlisle with pre-payment. Questions welcomed. I have 2 for sale.

#1 The surface is very rough
2018-06-10 007.JPG

2018-06-10 008.JPG

2018-06-10 009.JPG


2018-06-10 010.JPG

2018-06-10 011.JPG

2018-06-10 012.JPG
Thanks. I am finding that I have too much stuff and too many unfinished projects.
Dang... And to think you guys don't even live in Illinois...
Illinois is currently listed as the number one state people are moving away from...
Do you still have the manifolds? If no cracks or damage I’m interested. Shipping to 46017? Indiana. Thanks
Do you still have the manifolds? If no cracks or damage I’m interested. Shipping to 46017? Indiana. Thanks

Yes, I do but I am in Carlisle right now. If I don't get back to you by Wednesday, remind me.
I may have one with a small crack and will check when I return from Carlisle.
Yes, I do have a right side. Sorry for the delay, I've been working long hours. I hope you know that a right side manifold is worth at least 3x's what a left is worth.
Yes I know but may as well make it a pair. Price and any pictures? Ship to 46017 Indiana? Hoping it’ll work for an A body swap. Seems like I can find plenty of the right. Left is harder. 2806900 is one of the many numbers I found. Several other numbers are available. Possibly different years, dunno. But they’re the same right side manifold. Thanks.
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Thought I’d ask, do you have any flanges/ short pipes to fit the manifolds that’s any good too that you’d like to sell? Also still waiting on pictures and a price on the right side. Thanks
Not available anymore? Lookin for others then. Thanks

I will have a photo posted today of the right exhaust manifold - crack free & will also get you a shipping estimate. Please understand that I traveled back from Carlisle this past Monday, had doctor's appointments Tuesday, worked long hours Wed - Fri, had a family function and a broken lawn tractor to fix yesterday and I am hobbling around with a foot problem and back problems and I am supposed to be staying off my foot.
Ok sorry. But no response. Your price for it as well. If too expensive I may just pass. I’m not a collector. Just doin a swap and rather not use headers.
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