"67 Fury brake lights not working

John Reddie

May 9, 2017
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My '67 Fury III has no brake lights. The signals on both sides are working as well as the parking lights. Awhile back, I replaced the signal switch with one from ebay because the original one had a broken tab and wouldn't cancel on a right turn. That one worked okay for a short while but developed a problem where the brake lights would stay on unless I jiggled the signal light lever to turn them off.
I purchased another switch from ebay which was working okay at first but now all four brake lights do not light when the pedal is depressed. My tests indicate that power from the brake light switch is getting to the signal light switch and the wires from the connector on the steering column have continuity as well as the body wires going out to the rear lights. It almost appears that something inside the signal switch is messed up but I cannot figure out what.
Has anyone here used switches from ebay or experienced problems from said switches?
As always, any help here will be most appreciated.
Some of the after market turn signal switches are made in China and are a POS. They are famous for breaking components and frying the internal contacts. Take the switch back out and inspect for damage.

You are better off with your original switch, and just remember to cancel the signals manually after a right turn.
I used to have a '68 sport fury convertible back in the late 80s and until the early 90s I had problems with the electrical and had to rebuild the front end god knows how many times. There were times I wanted to put a couple sticks of dynamite in it and blow it up. Finally I got rid of the car and the head aches. I also learned the frame was cracked in 3 places
Thanks for all the responses. It appears to me that the power is getting to the signal switch via the white wire coming from the brake light switch. From there though, it is not getting to the part of the signal switch that powers the brake lights but is powering the signal lights:confused:. I have searched high and low for the original switch that I had and of course, cannot find it.
I am considering contacting Murray Park in Ohio. I know he has a stash of '67 / '68 Fury's and Polara's and possibly getting an original switch from a parts car. It would be used but probably a step up from the inferior aftermarket ones available now. On his site, he lists a new switch but it is a 10 wire unit that is different from mine.