For Sale 68-78 Mopar parts (Irwin) NOT MINE

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68PK21 440.6bbl

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Nov 29, 2017
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Not My AD, pile of parts mostly C body stuff it appears. Only contact is through CL email... Hmmmm.

68-78 Mopar parts

I am listing parts for friend. These parts have been either collected or are left over from vehicle part outs. All of the parts would have to have been in at least good condition for him to have saved them. If an item was not any good, he would not have kept it. Typically, all of the parts for a specific vehicle are included in the list. If interested in any of the parts, please reply to the ad with your information and parts that you are interested in. I will respond with his contact information.

1968 Plymouth Fury III

a/c fan motor $20.00
horn $5.00

1967 Dodge Coronet 2 door
rear window $65.00
right and left quarter windows $100.00 for the pair
2 500 nameplates for quarter panels $20.00
right and left rear armrests w/ashtrays and chrome trim, dark blue $35.00 for the pair
four headlight rings $20.00 for all
dome light cover $8.00
trunk latch $15.00
license plate light assembly, nice $15.00
emergency brake rubber pad with chrome trim $5.00
turn signal indicators for fenders $25.00

1971 Road Runner
right and left door glass, right and left quarter glass, all tinted $250.00

1973 Dodge Dart
air conditioning, complete unit with pump $300.00
rear window, sport, tinted $65.00

1974 Dart
left fender, excellent condition $400.00
right and left doors, excellent condition $200.00 each

1977 Chrysler Cordoba
hood $150.00
header panel with grille and lights $250.00
front bumper with impact strip, nice $150.00
back window with defroster $65.00
left and right quarter windows $50.00 each
interior seat, door panels, quarter trim panels, seat belts, kick panels, misc interior trim, light
buckskin in color $300.00 for all
tilt steering column, auto, with cruise control unit $165.00
power trunk lock and latch $35.00
trunk light $10.00
left and right door power window motor/regulator assemblies $100.00 for the pair
left and right power door lock actuators $30.00 for the pair
trunk lock with clip and key $10.00
light and wiper switches $25.00 for both
a/c/ heater control $35.00
hood cable $15.00
rear defroster switch and relay $25.00
left and right door weather strips, used good condition $40.00 for the pair
brake pedal switch $10.00
coolant overflow bottle $10.00
left and right inside door handles $25.00 for the pair
left and right outside door handles, small pits $10.00 for the pair
dome light, no cover $10.00
left and right door locks $20.00
left and right tail lights with quarter extensions $50.00 for each side
speedometer cable $15.00
rear bumper, nice $100.00

1977 Dodge Monaco
header panel with lights and brackets $200.00
wiper motor $30.00
2 Monaco nameplates $20.00
a/c fan motor $10.00
rear end $125.00
left and right inside door handles, nice $25.00
light and wiper switches $25.00 for both
left and right door windows $20.00 each
left tail light with quarter extension $65.00 for both
automatic transmission $125.00
front bumper assembly $100.00

78 Chrysler Le Baron
Dash pad and top metal panel, light blue, excellent condition $200.00 for both
hood, nice $150.00
right fender, nice $150.00
header panel with grill and lights $250.00
front metal filler panel $35.00

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