69 300 4 door for parts – half in grave.


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Feb 28, 2011
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Here is the tag info.
CM43:Chrysler Medium 4 Door Hardtop
K9C: Unknown
1969 Jefferson Avenue, MI, USA
167385: Sequence number
E85: 440 cid 4 barrel V8 350hp
D32: Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
B3: Light Blue Metallic Exterior Color
M4D: Trim - Opt. Decor Group, Vinyl Split Bench Seat, Blue
B3: Light Blue Metallic Int. Door Frames
B18: Build Date: November 18
151935: Order number
H51: Air Conditioning with Heater
R13: Deluxe AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
G11: Tinted Glass (all)
V7D: Accent Stripes, Dark Blue
L31: Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals

I found a guy locally here in Maryland who has this car sitting under some trees on his farm and its slowly burying itself. It was his car growing up. 440 was running but burning oil he said. Not many usable parts but I wanted to post here to gather interest. Everything made of metal that is even near the ground is rusted. The frame is gone and doors have pinched themselves together and will not open. My pictures are mostly through the broken out windshield and one window that still opened. I could clean up some of the parts and send more pics. The front grill and both bumpers may be savable as cores. They are not bent. The hidden headlight parts look to be there. Wheel well trim arches are acceptable, 3 of them are not bent. Interior is a tease in that it has been in the shade but everything unseen is suspect. Dash had ants on it but it’s been covered with broken glass and dirt and its almost acceptable. Fender trim and lights might be savable. This car would be tough to move, probably resulting in 2 cars. I would have to go through the window for closer pics. I don’t believe the front fenders are usable but I can check. Of course pieces for patch panels might be possible. 4 door side glass looks ok. Front and rear glass trim looks to all be there. Again, I don’t own this car and he’s not a computer guy, but depending on interest I might offer him some money to pull a Crazy Ray’s on it. Everything my cutoff wheel will allow me to take home!







I'd be interested in the complete front bumper and grill assembly.

I'll PM you a dollar amount to help you decide if you want to mess with it.

If the 440 isn't terminally seized, it's probably worth the trouble to pull the car out and take off anything that can be saved.

I should be going to take more detailed pics tomorrow if anyone wants certain ones/parts. Getting a hose out too.
Probably. I know the front grill assembly is gone. I'll ask the guy (not me) and if so PM you his number. He is not a text or internet kind of guy. This car is in Maryland though....