69/70 2 door glass interchangeability?...


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Jan 24, 2014
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HI, I have a source for tinted door glass for my '69 Fury 1 two door sedan but its listed as being for a 1970 Fury 2 door sedan. Its important to me if anybody here knows for positive if they have the same glass. (?)
Please let me know.
ps.my car has the 'innie' rear glass, and was a special order/special paint car.
It says at the bottom of the page right and left part numbers are on the same line so I guess 570-1 and 572-3 are for left side, unless I'm missing something because that would leave 2894 # for left and right
In the Mopar world, part numbers are usually 7 digits and odd numbers are drivers side/even numbers are passenger side.

Drivers side clear - 2894 571
Drivers side tint - 2894 573

Pass side clear - 2894 570
Pass side tint - 2894 572
The one I have has the vent windows and a post between the door glass and quarter glass and the slanted in back window, My Grandpa had a 69 polara that he tboned a ford with that cut across on him, I'll get the pictures on here from the news paper
It says 1968 but it was a 1969 because my Grandpa and Dad got a 69 fury and a 69 polara at the same time, the fury is mine now, my Grandpa worked at the dealer back them.