69 Chrysler 300 Rear Housing Removal


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Nov 12, 2021
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I have a 69 Chrysler 300 with A/C. Heat, DEF, A/C, MAX A/C all work correctly. The only problem is that when running the A/C some of the condensation/water leaks out of the rear housing and into the car. I usually just throw a towel under it to absorb the water. Both firewall drains are clear and water does drain out of them when A/C is ON. My guess is that the firewall seals are bad.

I was contemplating replacing the seals, but don't want to open an endless can of worms over spilled water 6 months of the year. Is removing the Interior/Rear Housing as simple as removing the 6-8 bolts, clips, hoses, etc. that attach to the firewall? Can the plastic interior housing be removed leaving the heater core/evaporator still attached to the firewall or are they all integrated together? Thx

Here is what you need to do. Discharge freon from the A/C system and remove heater hoses. To aid in the removal of the heater box unbolt and remove the passenger seat. If console equipped remove that next. Remove Pass. side scuff plate and right kick panel. Then pull back your carpet about to the mid seat position. Unplug the vac. controls at the left side of the heater box and the 2 vac. leads to the recirculating dampener. unbolt the heater box from under the hood. Remove the glove compartment box to aid in heater box removal. Now remove the brace from the heater box to the dashboard. Remove the center dash duct work. Pull the heater box to you to clear the firewall. Remove the lower floor duct assemb. Cap off the heater core to prevent antifreeze spillage. Slowly rotate the heater box assemb. down while sliding it out from underneath the dash. Get a complete foam and seal kit from @DetroitMuscleTechnologies. It will have all the correct seals you need. If you get stuck or have a question PM me.



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Thanks, but you lost me at "Discharge freon from the A/C system and remove heater hoses." I'm out! The towel wins. :)
When I saw your question earlier this morning, I was going to give you a one-word answer: No. But I didn't want to sound like a prick, figuring someone else would chime it.

As you can see from @david hill 's accurate instructions, the only thing he failed to mention is.......No. :poke:

This project really is a huge pain-in-the-*** but ultimately worth it. Ask me how I know.

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Here is what I did, heater only system had water (rain) getting in from outside (car parked nose up on a hill).
With your condensate problem this may not work.
I drilled drain holes in the engine side cover.