WANTED 70 Polara right Mirror

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Is your left mirror manual or remote? There are two different RHS mirrors, depending on the answer. All three of my 1970 Polara 'verts have a remote LHS mirror, for which the part numbers are:

1970 LHS remote mirror is P/N 2935335
1970 RHS companion to remote is P/N 2945610

1970 RHS companion to remote is P/N 2945340

Here are some scans I made last September of the 1970-1971 parts manual. I inverted the order of the two pages for greater readability, and for your convenience I have highlighted the part numbers for RHS 1970 Polara mirrors:

mirror part numbers RHS 1970.png

mirror part numbers LHS 1970.png

Searching for with above info should help you identify sources. Hiltop has a RHS companion to the manual mirror (PN 2935340):

NOS Mopar Door Mirror 1969-70 Dodge Chrysler C Body Right Manual - Hiltop Auto Parts

Note: To add to the confusion, there was also a dealer-installed RHS mirror -- see this thread.
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As well it should. That’s why I posted all the info. Good luck!
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