70 Polara vert rebuild status

Here are final paint pictures. Coming home on Monday for me to start putting things back together, slowly, carefully, and hopefully meticulously.

Fianl Paint Drivers side view.jpg

Final Paint Hood view.jpg

Final paint passenger front view.jpg

Final paint passenger rear view.jpg
Curious, about how long did your body guy take from start to finish, from the beginning of the metal work to paint?
Just about a year. From memory is a list of things done that includes : fabrication of rear where the quarter panel extensions attach. Repro quarters put on. New trunk put in from a donor car from Washington State (thanks this board and a board member (or former board member) for the lead and help), doors and fenders taken from donor car and put on mine, trunk taken from donor and put on mine, rear wheel wells ( inners, outers and tops) either replaced or fabricated, dutchman panel fabricated, body rot by door fixed (picture was shown in thread). Thats from memory.
Still not really done considering I need to put back the interior components (door glass, handles, locks, bumpers, lights, ect) I will be trying to fix anything I can while putting everything back together.
Were these a hassle for the guys?
They complained a little about them because the metal was a little thin and warped easily when welding, but they said better than trying to fabricate on their own. They may not be factory perfect but they look pretty good IMO. He said the key was to keep the welds distanced apart from one another so that the area wouldn't get too hot.