NOT MINE '71 300 2-door


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Dec 8, 2014
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Good parts car?, listed on this fb group:
1969 –1973 "ALL MoPaR C -Body" Buy-Sell-Trade/Cars,Parts,& Tech Info...

1971 Chrysler 300 2dr. Fairly loaded car including the E86 440. Picture of fender tag attached. Car is rough. It's an Arkansas car so doesn't have rust from but salt, but rather shoddy bodywork and sitting in humidity. Somebody replaced the vinyl top in the mid-90s and probably did not prep the roof right. It has rust around the front windshield chanel that will need metal work. Top has some pitting. Front and rear glass were broken by previous owner. Car had heads removed and they were refreshed which is why they are painted blue, but I do see Hemi Orange on other parts. Intake, carb and HP exhaust manifolds are in the trunk. Original dual snorkel air cleaner is missing comes with what looks like a late sixties air cleaner?
Seats are nice but look like they may have been dyed at some point. I did not crawl under it to see if it's matching numbers but it is a "G" 440 and is also stamped HP on the ID pad on top. Motor is a complete unknown so count on rebuilding it.
It will need total restoration!
$1800. Located in San Diego CA 92105.
Does have Arkansas title that is open on the back.
I can take more pictures if needed.
Call or text (858) 324-4668

Mark Arandules









I wonder what parts were taken off from the last purchase.

I wonder what parts were taken off from the last purchase.
They even used the same photos, yep, get what we need and then flip maybe?
Something is fishy here. The ad in the first post says it's in San Diego but the FB ad in the link says it's been recently imported to Poland. Different names too.
Definite scam. I sold that car and those are my pictures and my exact ad. Would be interesting to call the number listed and see what the scammer has to say?? The car is in Poland now. I reported it to that C body FB group admin so I think the ad has been pulled it doesn't seem to be there anymore.