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    Oct 20, 2016
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    hey guys i've got fenders and doors and a hood deck lid , bumpers and a number of other parts of the body , the tub and roof quarters floors are GONE . just the bolt on stuff here . and here is the deal , i'm planing a trip to mich to drop off a car and pick one up in petersburg upper state mich . so parts can tag along ride for low bucks just to help out the funds spent on the trip . see what i got ask if you don't see something i have a pile of unbolted parts from this car . the disc brakes are gone as well as the steering wheel n column and glass is out of the doors . if you don't see it still ask . thanks for your help pm me or email . the trip is still hanging on the completion of the service of my h/m and this vitus . but its happening . i'll say the parts are priced at $200/bo each , plus the ride will be cheap if you fund the trip . paul m DSC01153.jpg DSC01211.JPG DSC01210.JPG DSC01155.jpg DSC01375.JPG DSC01376.JPG DSC01159.jpg DSC01160.jpg DSC01161.jpg DSC01162.jpg
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