74-77 C Body Interior Swapable Parts?


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    Jan 31, 2012
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    I recently purchased a '75 Royal Monaco Sedan and it has some water damage to the roof and the rear packager tray. Also one of my sail panels is cracked. The point I'm getting at is this, what C-Body parts are interchangeable. Obviously, the '74-'77 Monaco Sedan parts will swap, but what about the hardtops or two doors? Are the package trays or sail panels the same? Also, what about other C-Bodies? I'm pretty sure the Furys of the time would work. What about Newports and New Yorkers? Any light shed on this would be helpful for me in my search for replacement parts. Thanks for any help!
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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Here are all the C-bodies from the 74-78 "Formal" years:

    Imperial: 74, 75

    74 - 78: Newport
    74 - 78: New yorker

    74: Fury
    75 -77: Gran Fury

    74: Monaco
    75 - 77: Royal Monaco

    74 - 75 Imperials are identical to 76 - 78 New Yorkers.

    100% of the mechanicals are interchangeable including both 2 & 4 doors.
    100% of the interior is interchangeable with variations in appearance.
    So any package tray will work. The 2 & 4 door roof interiors are also the same except that 74 & 75 were fabric and 76+ was a composite panel.
    Obviously the only thing to concern yourself about is the door panel and sail panel differences between the 2 & 4 doors. Oh - and of course the front seat tilt forward feature of the 2 doors.
    I've mixed and matched a gazillion items amongst those cars.
    On any specific item, feel free to ask.
    PS: All the sail panels look different in appearance but interchange so do it in pairs.
    Hope this helps.