A4 70 Sport Fury GT finally complete!

I think we should adopt a rule, that if you post a photo of your car with some noteworthy architecture or scenery in teh background, there should be 1-2 sentences of description or a weblink we can immediately follow. :thumbsup:
What a beautiful car ... miss those era cars ... fantastic
Not sure how I missed this thread, but I did. Super nice. You going to give a shot at restoring the trunk emblem? I'm not sure I've found anyone who can get the paint to stick. I sure couldn't.
SF Trunk Badge NOS.jpg
Nearly a clone of my dad's 70Sport Fury GT. Same color and interior. Different steering wheel though and his had a black vinyl roof. Still a classy, fast automobile. Best of luck with it!
Pics out and about this weekend. My friends A4 70 Charger RT

is your friends Charger a factory A4 car?
Silver was not available on b-&e-bodys officially in 1970 model year so it would have been a special order paint ("999") on the fender tag