Another road trip in Patches....


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May 15, 2012
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British Columbia
Guess I've been a bad influence on my soon to be Son-in-Law since he's been around me and my 1984/93 1st gen cummins W350 crewcab.

He decided recently that he wanted a 1st or maybe a 2nd gen Cummins truck so he has been trying to find one within his budget, and I have been looking as well. Well I sent him a link to a pair of 1st gen's about a 4.5hr drive from my place that I thought would be a good deal if they turned out to be decent trucks. He contacted the seller and they were still available so yesterday I hooked up my trailer and buzzed out there in Patches with him and my daughter to check them out.

This one is a 2wd auto and was being driven regularly up until last year and other than some dents and him wrecking the drivers door it was in pretty solid shape, think it has around 325K km's on it.



The other is a W350 Clubcab with a manual 5spd Getrag and 3.54 axles...been sitting for a couple years, another drivers door that is destroyed as well.
mileage is 587K km's and due to a bad starter does not run.

He brought it up out of the lower part of the farm and into his shop,


Then with his huge overhead crane just lifted the front of the truck up and then lifted the back with the Kubota and I backed under with my trailer,


Loaded and ready to go...



He got a screaming deal on both trucks IMO and we are going to get the chassis and drive train sorted out on the W350 4wd then swap the body over from the 2wd, but in the mean time he'll be driving the 2wd.