At the Syracuse Nationals


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Nov 22, 2010
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Kingston Ontario Eh?
In place of not going to Carlisle this year Maggie and I went to the Syracuse Nationals instead.
We took Frankie for his third show this year but first "National" show and first time for both Maggie and I showing Frankie together.
We have friends in Syracuse where we overnighted and we all went to the show.
Frankie was accompanied by my friends' 66 Newport "Penney"

Greg is a member here but as a Captain of a Syracuse Fire Dept. he post here when he can.
Highlight of the show for me is to meet another well known FCBO member Big John!.
After all these years I got to match the mug to the screen name!! Lol!!
Certainly a pleasure and hope to see you again soon!
He is behind his 70 300 'vert..


The Nats is a big show..
After a couple hours it was sensory overload!
There were a few more C's at the show but my phone died and could not take pics. Aarrgh!
But I got this disco gem's shot!


The first 10 secs is the spectator lot and at about one minute, the building I'm in is on the right of the screen. There are cars everywhere... Usual car count is 9000 or so.

I've only taken a few pics. The local AACA club (with @march 's input) decided to "spotlight" Mopars and lined us all up against one side of the building. The 5th car down in the row is @66/72RAB 's Challenger and the Barracuda is mine.


Across from us is a '32 Chrysler.


Backtrack a little. Maggie and I stayed at my friends house Friday night and then hit the show Saturday morning.
Greg and Bretagne put on a spread for us!
We both want to thank Greg and Bretagne for their hospitality and they are very good friends. We had fun during our visit.

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