ATTN Carlisle 2020 Attendees, LAST CHANCE FOR PARTS!!

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    Mar 8, 2019
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    ATTENTION Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2020 Attendees-

    As you know Carlisle 2020 is FAST approaching in about 10 days, that said THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to speak up if you want parts that I have that I can deliver to Carlisle for you. Here is what I got, PLEASE PM ME BEFORE CARLISLE IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, AGAIN THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. All items must be prepaid for in order for me to deliver them to you.

    1965-1968 C-body rear drum backing plate assembly, Asking $50.00.
    For Sale - 1965-68 C-body Rear Drum Backing Plate Assembly.

    1966-1968 15X6 cop car wheel, Asking $125.00.
    For Sale - 1966-1968 15x6 Cop Car Wheel.

    Set Of Four 1966-1969 Plymouth Hubcaps, Now Asking $150.00.
    For Sale - Set Of Four 1966-'69 Plymouth Hubcaps.

    1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Right Hand Fender, Asking $40.00.
    For Sale - '67 Sport Fury R.H. Fender.

    1967-1968 Plymouth Fury 2-door Hardtop Quarter Glasses, Asking $80.00.
    For Sale - 1967-'68 Fury 2-door H.T. Quarter Glasses (Tinted).

    1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Right Hand Door, Asking $100.00.
    For Sale - '67 Sport Fury Right Hand Door (2-door H.T.).

    1965-1968 C-body 22 Inch Slant 6 Replacement Radiator, Asking $50.00.
    For Sale - 1965-'68 C-body 22 Inch Slant 6 Replacement Radiator.

    1967-1968 Big Block N.O.R.S. Station Wagon Tailpipe, Asking $80.00.
    For Sale - 1967-1968 N.O.R.S. C-body Wagon R.H. Tailpipe.

    1965-1968 Station Wagon Manual Tailgate Window Crank, Asking $45.00.
    For Sale - Mine-1965-'68 Wagon Manual Tailgate Window Crank.

    1967-1968 Plymouth Fury III/Sport Fury/ VIP Right Side Belt Molding #2807350.53227. Now Asking $125.00.
    For Sale - Right Side Belt Roof Moulding #2807350

    1970-1971 383 Hi-Po Left Hand Exhaust Manifold #2951216
    For Sale - 1970-1971 Used C-body Hi-Po Left Hand Exhaust Manifold #2951216

    Here is the list also..... For Sale - ATTN Carlisle 2020 Attendees- C-body/Fury Exterior Parts For Sale