Bastardized 1959 "Coronet" build

Placed the rear bumper in place to see if I like it. Plan is to make one with fiberglass and probably have it wrapped in chrome-ish material...

A custom rollpan and a thin bumper might match the look of the front better. I'm really enjoying following your build BTW. :thumbsup:
Funny you should mention that... after seeing the rear bumper in place and how outrageous it is, I was thinking I'll need to make the previously thought simple front bumper a bit more ridiculous. :lol:
This is definitely one of my favorite threads to follow. Always wish it went faster but in reality you're doing an amazing amount of work in the time it has taken.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
I agree...really enjoy seeing the progress on this car. I was so inspired I had to go out and buy a 1959 Dodge Coronet....didn't need another project but those pictures of wetskier2000's car were so cool I could not help myself....I knew I needed one also!!!!
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Wow, I REALLY LIKE it!! I'm away from the internet for a few days and look what I missed! That's definitely very similar to my original idea although I always thought a little wider and covering the rear tires. But the front area is spot on... Instead I'm going for the full bodied girl. :)

Finally managed to get enough ideas and help to bend the flange on the raw leading edge of the hood using a tipping die in my bead roller. It went pretty well. Now I just need to bend it the rest of the way, add some inner structure and get that thing on the car. Baby steps... I also started on the fiberglass rear bumper.

Structure put back into the leading edge of the hood and the hem has been folded over! It mostly works, some fine adjustments still needed.