Blower motor and resistor (1974 Fury)


Aug 7, 2017
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Versailles, France
Hello Friends,
I managed to remove the blower motor. I'm gonna replace it, it's not turning freely. I want to replace the resistor too, but I can't find it at RockAuto, and Autozone seems not to have for our year's cars. I think of replacing the relay too, and I'll have a full system with brand new parts. Anybody has the part numbers, or links to purchase these parts? I also purchased the 74 body and chassis manuals, but due to healthcare general lock down, I don't know when will I receive them. :thankyou: for your help :)
Hey Seb. 2 member here happen to have an NOS Blower motor and another has resisters for sale. I’ll find their info an post it here for ya.. give me a min..
And “ AFMopecar” has the resisters, he has a listing on eBay as well if you can access that site.

Hope this info helps you..
Hey @75LandYacht, thanks for very quick reply! Actually blower motors are available at Rockauto and Autozone, but I was blocked for resistors. I'm gonna get in touch with member AFMopecar to get a new resistor. Thanks again, I'll post updates :D
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If your resistor isn't burnt out, or a terminal or coil isn't broken, you don't need a new one. I guess I'm saying "it either works or it doesn't". There's no condition that's in-between.
Also: I'm using the aftermarket (Rock Auto--Four Seasons #35563) blower, and it's okay I guess. A little loud, IMO. Price was great vs. an unobtanium NOS item. But note that the Rocky blower (i.e. the unit for my 70 300) has several mounting variations depending upon the application and probably even the brand of the car or whatever else it could be used for. The mounting flange, the bushings, the bolts/studs, the cooling hose, the location of the impeller on the shaft.....all allow the same motor to be used for a number arrangements. Not that this is bad, but it wasn't a direct bolt-in. You need to study your old blower carefully when prepping your new aftermarket kit.



But the instructions show how to do the Replacement de Moteur de Ventilator! :p

Blower Instructions.JPG
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