Bluetooth Addition - What would you want.


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Feb 28, 2011
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Adding a system to my fury is in the works and Bluetooth connection to my phone will be main connection. I'm getting a few versions (so cheap) of this combo plus a few extra boards to test.
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For example this board (some videos and reviews are on you-tube) has Bluetooth connection, can be hooked up to an antenna for FM (no AM), can play music on a usb flash drive, can except a 3.5mm cord from a phone or older music player, and can play music from from a micro SD card (s/a TF card). Some version have small amplifiers that could power stereo speakers (probs not mono 4x10) - OEMg 8 ohm or newer 4 ohm. Oh yes, and has a remote control for our big cars. All for $10. I gotta try it.

I know what I need/want and it will likely be more than most but what I'm wondering is what others would want? This is different than rebuilding the stock head unit(tayman..). This would be something hanging under the dash. Or behind it depending on what you need. More on esthetics later. Its kind of an open question so I'll start by saying for me I dont really need FM radio in this car. I do need bluetooth connection and a USB outlet (2 actually would be nice) that could charge phones, etc. I want a 3.5 mm plug to connect to anything corded. I would prefer knobs/buttons for vol and forward/back on songs but can use my phone to do this. I want the sound to be clean and not noisy so power supply must be filtered. I dont need an amp but most would I guess. All add on amps will be > stock in terms watts. I would also want an on/off switch for everything to make sure no power drain.

As for esthetics this example is ugly. I could paint it to get rid of the text. But even then its taller than needed. With a new face I think I could get it to maybe 1.5" hanging below the dash. And since I've been taking some classes in 3d printing a new face that could blend in more with the cluster is super cool. I realize I am probably the only one spending this much time on this... but that's the point. If I can find a solution for me and some of you guys at the same time then you dont have to dwell on it.

My thought is that with a nicer face and an amp board like below, (not separate box) the link above could would work for most people. Or I'm wrong, needing FM being the biggest question. Maybe no AM is a deal breaker. You certainly can add bluetooth completely hidden and control with only a phone, but what would you prefer I guess is what I'm asking. thnxs

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I had our local stereo guy install a full system for me. It is a bit different than what you outlined, so feel free to disregard, but my main goal of having the ability to hook to a phone or iPod, without damaging the dash in any way sounds similar to yours.

They put a new head unit in the glovebox and he then proceeded to pigtail a 3.5mm from the original 8track to the new unit. He left the stock radio hooked up to the original center dash speaker, as he was unable to get a new speaker for that spot at the time, (It was right around when that ship got stuck in the canal and he said that caused him lots of problems with getting stuff) but the option is still there to pigtail that the same as the 8track in order for it to go through the new head unit as well.

Overall, I really like how it turned out. My only gripe is that my particular head unit does not work with the associated app like it was described to me, but that is just me complaining to be honest.
So sounds like the original working head unit was set up as an aux input to the new head unit. In your case he left both old and new powering their own speakers. Thinking that a LOC which converts speaker level to low level input could be used (or not even needed ) to convert the original HU sound to 3.5mm and then input into the original link into the aux input. mmmm The you could use 2 modern 3.5 or 4" speakers in place of the 4x10. should work

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So any bluetooth solution should have an option to bring in the signal from the original HU. makes sense. thnx
I went with this setup since I wanted Bluetooth + my factory front speaker was trash.

This is more or less what I've seen a handful of others on this forum do.
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It's powered from the factory radio power supply and tucked under the dash so the volume knob is easily accessible but not noticeable. I set my phone to max volume and then used the amp knob to "tune" the speakers to max possible volume without distortion.
yes, i have one of those too and if fm is not required this is a great bluetooth only amp with 3.5mm aux input. Then its just about getting it clean power and mounting it. And of course a usb charger somewhere.
I don't care much about audio quality. I mostly listen to news-talk, audio books and podcasts in the car. On the rare occasions I listen to music, it is usually from the era of the car, so no boom-boom-bass or deathmetal crap.

All of my OEM radios work. I would be happy with something that could plug in between the radio and antenna and ideally use both Bluetooth and "headphone jack" that I could place somewhere discreet (maybe a small hole/gap in the carpet under the seat). I'd like a hardwire jack because pairing devices is a bit of a PIA. (phone acts up, some version would work with some update) Sometimes I just want to plug something in and let it rip.

Aftermarket radios look like garbage. Tiny buttons, stupid menus, short lives and theft targets.

This device would overpower the broadcast when I pressed a similarly discreet switch. It would work on AM or FM so I could use it in any car.

Make something like that and I would be in 100%.