WANTED BORROW a set of 1967 Plymouth Fury Sport/III/VIP Inner Tail Lights to create mold

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Jan 2, 2016
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I'd like to borrow (or purchase) a set of 1967 Fury inner tail light lenses, in good condition, preferrably NOS, of course, to create a mold set. My intention is to cast these. It seems they are basically impossible to find, and mine are cracked and glued (won't work for a mold). The mold generation would be done using silicone.

I would offer the results to the forum at cost, if I was successful (in whatever way is in compliance, I'm not a business).

I am unsure if there are inner tail lights that came without the chrome additions, but the chrome version would be helpful so I can recreate the chrome piece as well, as a later effort. Without chrome, if they exist, or with chrome removed, would be great for the plastic mold.

I have ordered some outers and I'll be looking at the chrome parts (rectangle outer chrome). Maybe someone knows if these can be separated without damaging the chrome or the lens?

Terms to be set with the individual that would loan the lenses, including deposits, payment for the kindness, etc.

If someone knows of anyone that has done this already, please message me. I've searched high and low and found some hints that it has been done, but no real information on who did it.


- Gordon
Just read the thread and reached out to him.


Yep, that's what I plan to do as well, if he has no plans to do the Fury tail lights.

- G
I reached out to Zymurgy. He has no plans to cast these and has no issue with me giving it a run. I've acquired my vacuum vessel. Now working on my pressure vessel.
Found/purchased a set of inner tail lights in frames. One side complete, one side cracked. Still searching. I have the reverse lenses now, just need the innermost. My driver's side inner sample is cracked. These came with chrome in place.
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