Bulb Sockets


Jan 17, 2016
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Hi guys. Replacing the tail light bulbs, 3 of the 4 brake bulbs came out glass only. Having a heck of a time getting the metal backed out; which tool is best or another idea?
Probably a good set of needle nose pliers and penetrating oil. The penetrating oil to loosen up the tension spring under the bulb contact so you can depress the bulb base so it can be turned to get the tangs into the slots for removal. The pliers need to be strong/substantial enough to be able to deform the remains of the base's circumference to "muscle it out", if needed.

Of course, extreme care with "anything glass" should be used, even to the extent of wearing heavy gloves for hand protection.

Good luck,
I've had luck in the past by putting the needle nose pliers into the remaining socket, separating them to the sides of the bulb socket to create adequate tension on the socket without bending it, pushing in and turning to get them to come out.

See the video at 5:25 below. It's a house bulb but other then the need to push the socket in to depress the spring and get past the tabs on the socket, it's the same principle.