Bulkhead Connector


Dec 14, 2014
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Buckeye, AZ
Anyone know where I can find a bulkhead connector for a 1966 Newport? I need the top connector with the notch on the top, left side.

Also looking for a good terminal wire crimper if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.
The red amp gage feed wire has been problematic at the bulkhead connector for most older mopars. Resistance at the connector there causes heat which can melt the plastic connector. In the past I've drilled the bulkhead connector at that receptical and ran a solid wire through it to the amp gage.
Depending on what "left" is, there are some that are pretty economical on eBay, but I think that's not the one you want.

NOS MoPar Bulkhead Connector 1967-1976 Barracuda Valiant Duster Dart Right Index | eBay

or this

NEW 66-76 Plymouth Dodge Chrysler A B C body Firewall Bulkhead Wiring Connectors | eBay

Do a search on eBay for "Mopar Bulkhead connectors" to see what else is there.

I have one of these crimpers and it's OK. Not great... But unless you start spending some $$$, it's about as good as it gets.

I say DITCH the old bulkhead connector in its entirety and go to straight connections for the power circuits and a screw bus for some others. I'd put the fuses/breakers up where breaching the firewall in the event of changing the bulkhead connector then too. I will do as much with mine, when warranted.