C Bodies in the Wild (and back in the day)

Imperial One

Nov 15, 2020
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Ontario, Canada
I just came across this photo.

Not a great photo, but a REAL back in the day photo taken at my family home in Forest, Ontario, Canada. I am guessing it was taken around 1980. My mom was driving our terrific triple black 1972 Imperial when someone blew a stop sign and smashed into her. It was this car that started my love of 72-73 Imperials and it is why Jackson Boyd (on this Forum) has the two fantastic black '73 Imperials.

The red white and blue '68 Newport in the background was my car. After the red white and blue we painted it Lemon Twist, with black stripes on the hood. Oh, the enthusiasms of youth! We tried pretty much everything with that car. I remember the night I graduated from high school we had (I think) 11 people in the car. I remember that the car cost $364 safety checked (a requirement to transfer ownership in Ontario) and licensed. It had well over 100,000 miles on it when it came to me, and I put at least another 50,000 miles on it.

In the front left you can just see the rear of a '67 Newport which was quite a nice car, but it was my dad's "work" car. He liked to drive a C body "beater".

C Bodies in the Wild.jpg
Here are a few more photos from that time. The back of the photo says spring 1981. Too bad it's such a crappy photo. Needed the wide angle lens to get all 19 feet 7 inches (or whatever) into the photo.
cars 3.jpg

Here are the two Newports. That's a '66 Hemi Satelllite in the background.

cars 2.jpg

And another photo. I'm guessing by the dried leaves that this was the fall of 1980 or 1981 (or perhaps even 1979 - can't really tell). That '68 Newport in the background is just another C body that my dad went through.

This photo (parent's back yard, Windsor Ontario) probably 1987 of my '65 4-door Polara (with slant-6), my '67 Monaco (recently finished restoration of my dad's car) and my dad's '73 newport (400 engine, was his dad's car). I don't know why the Monaco looks so small in the photo. I probably had tall tires on the Polara. A year or two later I would drive the Polara with my GF down the US east coast to Key West FL.