Carlisle 2020 Official Thread

1978 NYB

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Apr 16, 2011
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Wow! Carlisle 2020 is on the horizon!

I wonder what the theme will be?

Should be the 50th Anniversary of the Challenger/Cuda....

I just registered my 1978 NYB.

See you all there.....
Cuda/Challenger will be the theme.
I'll be there. Mostly over at the tent.
Hoping to bring an A body this year. we'll see.
Celebration of all things 1970!

I havent registered yet, but I am planning on attending again.

Since I drive from so far I dont mind paying a little extra at the gate. Gotta make it there first!
Maggie and I are contemplating on going but this time with her car (69 Fury III) we will see....
Celebration of all things 1970!

Sorry Wyatt, but that is a lie. Carlisle is NOT celebrating 1970 C-body cars. Guess Chrysler didn't make any that year. I emailed Carlisles' Event Planning people and asked them why they aren't doing it. No response. I mean come on, you ain't gotta celebrate all the '70 c-body cars just throw in a few Sport Fury GT's, and Chrysler 300 Hurst cars that'll make me happy. I think all us c-body folk should say somethin'. Nah it ain't gonna change nothin anyhow. It's seriously too bad but why would they, sure celebrate the a,b,and e-bodies. No big deal, goin' anyway.
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I wonder what the theme will be?

Should be the 50th Anniversary of the Challenger/Cuda....

You would be correct. Celebrating 50 years of the AAR Cuda and T/A Challenger. Also 50 years of the Duster, Superbird, and Pro-stock.
Gonna be in 1965-1978 C-body Modified this coming year. Registered "The Bear" or purple 4 door post sedan, at least that's the plan right now. If it's gonna be 100 degrees plus then bringing something else cause black interior. Been 6 years since that car has been there.
Bear @ Carlisle MAIN.jpg
Bear @ Carlisle.JPG
Photos above are at Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 2014. Courtesy of Moparts.
Planning on attending with Poppy and Snow. If things can be worked out, the plan is for @Ripinator to join me to pick up Snow from @71Polara383's shop and drive her to PA together with the Illinois group, their cars, and friends from neighboring states.
C bodies were not a new model in 70, in fact it was second year for fusey body style.
The place is still a blast to be at.
They would have reached out already. The GT was a two year car .... the Hurst , maybe in T building but again they would have picked their cars already