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Old Man with a Hat
Apr 8, 2012
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Youngsville, NC
Ok on the 50 Studebaker. He can’t get it to start. Apparently it has an 8 volt battery in it. Says he replaced that with a new one. It has a 12 volt GM alternator on it. He doesn’t see a voltage reducer on the car. He bought a new ignition switch. Car just clicks like the starter may be locked up. I’m not sure if he’s tried to turn the engine by hand.

63/64 Dodge 880
Ok this car I bought unseen from an auction through my buddy who was there & bid for me. I did talk to the auctioneer today & told him I was picking the car up Thursday. I also spoke to a gentleman who bought 41 cars & has a salvage yard nearby. He said his forklift will be there & if I need help to get the operator to sit it on my trailer & tip him $20 bucks. Apparently it has 4 flat tires. This is a storage lot for movie cars & equipment I’m now told. I’ve been told 300 cars to 500 cars. 200 plus or minus where auctioned off Friday. The auctioneer said I could look around when I come to pick up the Dodge. The salvage yard owner said I could look in his yard to see if I saw something in there I need. Now on the Dodge. First I was told it was a grey/silver car. Now I’m told it’s black with white doors. That means it was a movie police car. I’ll do my best to find out what I can about the car & look around & see what other cars are in there. I’ll video if they will let me.

The 60 Thunderbird is pretty rough. Restorable but beyond my ability. So I’m going to reluctantly pass.