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    Dec 15, 2010
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    FOR SALE: 60s 70s Front Seat Center Fold Down Arm Rest Buddy Seat. It is not torn up, but has an indent on the top pad from previous storage. It is green, but could be vinyl sprayed other colors to match your interior. I do not have the mounting brackets. $85 plus shipping from Pa 17086. Post or PM if interested.

    659538-858dd3c5f1619a6b46f5a56d28e8f920.jpg 659539-3882eeadfbb3a77731359172f88950c5.jpg 659540-9708d400b63d622167ab60fe68024c1f.jpg 659541-cdc043c5d23fb7d8256629f7b88030b8.jpg 659542-1f195b6b7112979ab45632688fd7c2c0.jpg 659543-05b135e977f99c1b0179c1a4c62b65c8.jpg 659544-ee5f0a930f146f2b3925a97956122331.jpg 659545-9509fccc0f6cc3aaad29fc6392d2f860.jpg 659546-5e77be2f88c815a7d3ca376b65e79894.jpg