Dennis. That's his name.


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Oct 18, 2012
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Ajax, Ontario, Canada
I'll just leave this here. 11034403_10206100926459598_3204010907110348264_o.jpg

Ok, enough of that now get back to work on the vert!
GEEESEE ......... I don't ever want to be anyplace where I need a coat like that......!!!!

How does it drive? Nice I hope

And its march.

Ok, enough of that now get back to work on the vert!

To be fair, she's always cold, I was wearing a sweater. it was only -10 Celsius.

Matt, Saturday Angel gets moved and we start on him again.

Today I threw a few bucks worth of 91 octane in a gas can and threw a battery in Dennis and he started right up and ran really good.

Found out that he's got a SURE-GRIP in his 8 1/4, so I'm no longer bummed out about him having the smaller 8 1/4 rear end.
Dennis seems like a nice fellow. Bigger than most, but with a strong sure-grip! Good looking too. :)
I've always refered to them as her, or she as well. Except for my old Newport. That car was a dude if there ever was such a thing. So I can see where your coming from Nick.