WANTED Door Perimeter Weatherstrip kit

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Thomas Sabath

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Apr 21, 2021
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Hello guys, I am looking for a Werther strip kit for my Chrysler 300 4 door hardtop 1965. they are not available from kanter.com or Danteparts. It's the rubber door seal. It would be nice if you could give me a tip. Greetings Thomas
Restoration Specialties list a 4 door sedan kit.
You can cut it and use your hardtop end cap pieces.
They also have the upper weatherstrip that runs along the top of the side glass from the A pillar to C pillar.
Hope this helps.
Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I thought so too, taking the rubber off the sedan. I was hoping to get a reproduction. Unfortunately, my rubbers are no longer ok and the profile is no longer recognizable. maybe you only have the door profile in the States, i.e. the rubber without end pieces. that would help me too. excuse my english Greetings Thomas
sHey boys,
found an alternative solution for the door rubbers for my 300. This is from an Opel Admiral. Must then be completely glued. Too bad there aren't any originals anymore. But if someone should have a reliable address...bring it on. I wish you all a good week. Thomas

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