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Oct 29, 2021
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Hampton nj
have a question on drum brake hardware for 62 chrysler 300 12" rear brakes . have been trying to find new shoe holdown pins and springs with no luck Pins are always too long springs and cups seem to be bigger as well, have tried some auto parts sources for 63 up springs but always wrong . Carlson seems to show pins with numbers on like a 10 or 12 but cant find specs on length. my old ones are corroded and can't see any numbers. anyone have any ideas or sources Thanks
Not going to find these parts the the usual outlets.
try mobileparts but he laughed at me about 5 years ago when I asked for these same springs.

1963 is a different braking system.

these have been on eBay for a while now. No idea of the quality. You want the ones on the left with more coils for your 12” brakes.

A) Do you see the price on those springs listed ????
B) They are in a Mish Mosh of a cabinet drawer / all loose --- and your chance of getting the correct ones in that pile is super slim --- and that is by going there and matching up the ones you need ......
C) Nothing that would constitute being called "hold down pins, cups, and saucers".....

The good news is they " NEVER " / seldom go bad ......

Note: I DO HAVE the 5 1/2" ish long primary brake springs --- up toward the top on the brake shoes that goes across --- 1 per wheel, set of Four (4)......
Yours, Craig.....
Thanks for the info fellas. Carlson seems to have a tech number just need to find the pins. And maybe they can give measurements to use for a close pin. I have longer pin , might be able to modify to work.

@Mikec2 your springs look in good condition from here. Do they still have tension? Modify brake parts to fit? That’s doesn’t sound like a good idea vs using what I see on the photo.


A) I know plenty of other places with high prices too. LOL

B) READ the eBay auction, it is for new reproduction springs. Now the quality of these reproductions? Who knows.

C) I was showing what I saw available for the car. Yes I can read what he wants and the auction title.

The bad news is that overheating and rusting do a job on 60 year old brake springs so to use the word NEVER is foolish.
the can last and still function, but not all the time.

Note: these are “total contact brakes”. They don’t have 5 1/2” long primary brake springs on them. See photo above.

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sent a message to Carlson brake parts about brake pins. They responded quickly and where able to supply dimensions on pins. May be helpful to match up stuff.

No, --- H I S --- springs are all Mish mosh in a drawer....
Mike C2,
Exactly what I said, of course.... H7116 is an 11" x 3" kit --- 1963 thru 1970....
No correlation or relevance to you.....

A 1962 Chrysler uses 12" x 2 1/2" Front & Rear --- and a 1000 % different set up,
Of course.....
yes mobil u are right 12-2 -1/2 shoes. The Carlson info was meant to let everyone know That Carlson was available to help with info and explain how to get info with dimensions. Don’t think a pin was made that only had one application. If you can’t find exact oem you must improvise . Carlson responded very quickly and willing to help for a miniscule part Thats service