Dual Diaphragm booster for 1964 Chrysler (smaller firewall bolt pattern)

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    Oct 15, 2015
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    Ross and others have covered this but I'll throw my two cents in to say that you definitely need the correct booster. Part of the reason is because disc brakes require higher forces. Drum brakes are somewhat self-energizing because as the leading edge of the shoe contacts the drum it gets wedged in, requiring less braking force (also why they don't stop as well in reverse). But disc brakes are all squeeze with no mechanical advantage. To get that higher force you usually need higher line pressures but that also depends on the relative bore sizes of the calipers and master brake cylinder. Hydraulics only get you so far and the additional force of more booster surface area is almost always gonna be required.

    But proof is in the pudding: with a single diaphragm booster in good condition (no leaks) the car stops like garbage.