Economic Methodology

If you're in this game to make money, then you need to be the restoration company fixing up OTHER PEOPLE'S CARS. When it comes to a classic car, it's hard to break even or even turn a profit. C Body Mopars aren't exactly collector's cars, not like muscle cars. Those of us who do have a passion for them, one way or another. The ones who do make money off of them are modifying them beyond the original specs. Look at ZZ Top's Cadzilla, a show car that's been chopped, lowered, souped up and heavily modified far beyond OEM specs. I'm sure that one can fetch quite a bit of coin when it comes to market. There's a TV show I watch called Goblin Works, they take older cars, trick them out to look and/or perform better than before, then flip them for profit. They are a good example of what I'm talking about.

Personally, my project C-Body is similar to that theme. Only I have no interest in selling it when I'm done. It is my intention of crafting a sinister sedan suitable for a Supervillain: Long, low, clean & mean, with 4 doors for henchmen & minions to pile in and out of quickly, a big back seat for all the bitches and hoes, a deep cavernous trunk for transporting kidnap victims and the bodies of dead snitches, dark limo tinted windows so we can't be identified or picked out of a police lineup, real chrome steel bumpers & an acre long hood to watch your enemies tumble and cartwheel over when you run them down, and a musclecar big block under that hood to outrun the cops! Screw that numbers matching stock nonsense, that's no fun! You purists can go suck an egg!

We do this to our beloved C Bodies out of passion and desire, money is just the means to an end to make it happen. I acquired my Newport by chance. The big block under the hood was my selling point, it has potential, it has pedigree, it's a freaking Mopar, man! I've seen oddles of big sedans tricked out before, Cadillacs, big Chevy's, Lincoln's, but not a Chrysler. And muscle cars are getting rare, and expensive too, not just to buy but insure too. If it was a Charger or a Duster, the cost would have been several grand. This was almost free, I was the last stop before a junk yard. But I saw it's potential, and it's now getting another lease on life.

Don't invest in it because of a payday, do it because it's yours and it's what YOU want. It's your car. Make it yours. Own it, own up to it, put your mark on it then drive it into the ground! Or drive it into the sunset. Hell, drive it over a cliff with the cops on your *** if that's what makes you happy, but do it for YOU!

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Not a lot of progress happening right now. However, the shop is all good, the car and all the parts are now in and ready for working on when I can get to it.