SOLD Edelbrock Performer AVS, #1411, 750 CFM

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Trace 300 Hurst

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May 27, 2018
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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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Electric Choke, with PN 1481 Throttle Lever Kit (so it’s ready for your OEM throttle stud)


pic 1.jpg


I rebuilt this carb in June 2018 to freshen it up after probably a decade of use by the previous owner and it ran fine. Despite replacing the accelerator pump plunger cup, I just wasn’t satisfied with the off-idle “tip in” response and ordered a new #1467 plunger assembly that you can see in the first photo…..which means it’s not actually IN the carb right now. This is because I soon decided to go with a Street Demon 625 (I prefer small, responsive “cruiser” carbs for cars like ours) and never bothered to install the plunger. But it’s yours to install as you see fit.


Also with the carb are the remains of the rebuild kit, the instructions, and an adapter plate that was used to mount it to my Edelbrock Performer 440.


Notice that the inlet hose fitting is 3/8ths. You might need 5/16ths. Electric choke works quite well, but is set for "Florida". Your results may vary....



The jetting remains as the original Edelbrock setup: 113 primary w .071 rods, 107 secondary w .047 rods, with orange step-up springs. It's "stock".....

I’ll be using the protective, reinforced Demon box to send it to you. It fits like it belongs in there!


The price is Sixty Dollars, plus exact shipping. If you buy it, I’ll take it to UPS and send it to you, and report that exact shipping cost back to you. Then you’ll send me the total cost via PayPal or a check. Or cash. I'm easy.
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